Don't be afraid of insanity until it is completely necessary


Baby: d- d-

Dad: Daddy?

Baby: Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions





gamers dont take hot showers

they take image-y ones


Don’t tell them. Don’t you dare tell them.

Lord I think I just peed


"I love you, Papa.."

Get To Know Me: [4/5] Sad Moments » Ushio’s Death

ooooowwwwww my heart.


-Ladybug Bus AU- Part 2

Returning home Ruby realizes she left her 3DS on the bus. Next day she gets on the bus she just sits down all gloomy. Suddenly a pretty girl with black hair and a cute bow appears and gives it back.

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Wow I like making this one alot,based of booksandweapons's Bus Au.

Thanks again Dani for the description~And my stream friends thank you for putting up with my long stream uwu

T^T so beautiful